CAIC: Colorado Avalanche Information Center BC Zone Observation Report

Saturday, December 10, 2016 at 12:00 AM
Front Range


CAIC Comments

The reporting party stated. "Three friends and I left from the Henderson Mine and skinned up Butler Gulch" This is actually in the Front Range Zone. The reporting party says he is new to the area. "My friends were skiing at the same time when the avalanche occurred." From the picture it is hard to tell where it initiated, but it looks like a wind drifted area that failed at the ground. The crown looks 4 feet deep at its deepest spot. The avalanche looks to be about 100 feet wide at the widest spot and maybe 200 feet long at its longest extent.





  Date Location/Path # Elev Asp Type Trig SizeR SizeD
View  2016/12/10  †  Butler Gulch   1   TL   N   HS   AS / u   R2   D2